Company Overview

PT Educon Selaras Cita Mandiri, also known as ESCM Indonesia, is a consulting firm with specialization in supply chain management. We have been helping our clients in Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Mining, Construction, and other services & manufacturing industry to provide solutions from their various problems.

ESCM Indonesia provides several service to the industry in training, workshop, consultation, and technology implementation in Supply Chain Management with tailored approach to match the needs and requirements from our client. We will ensure that our solution is aplicable in the industry. To know more about us, you can contact us at

Enabling supply chain management by providing supply chain solutions for individual and companies and to be a catalyst to level up the value of our clients.
The Mission of ESCM Indonesia
To be a trusted, reliable and reputable supply chain consulting firm.
The Vision of ESCM Indonesia
To provide business and management solutions especially in Supply Chain Management Area.
The Goal of ESCM Indonesia
* Excellence Services

* Smart Solutions

* Creative Problem Solving

* Managing Diversity

The Value of ESCM Indonesia